The History

La Hermandad, located in the centre of the village, has been carefully rehabilitated to adapt it for use as rural accommodation. This 4-star rural house was built in the 17th century and completely renovated in 2018, when it opened its doors. A unique accommodation, with details that recall the essence of the stately homes of Extremadura and the comforts and designs of the twenty-first century.

SINCE THE END OF 17th Century

The Rural House "La Hermandad de Villalba" is the oldest preserved house in Villalba de los Barros. Probably built at the end of the 17th century, this house originally belonged to one of the numerous families of noblemen settled in the south of Extremadura.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, it served as the home of several noble families in the area. However, during the Spanish Civil War it became the headquarters of the Franco army, using the basement of the house as a prison for military prisoners.

In 1946, the Brotherhood of Labradors and Cattlemen of Villalba was established there. Hence the name with which it is popularly known today, "La Hermandad" (The Brotherhood).

This organism functioned as an administrative headquarters and carried out a union work for the agricultural activity of the municipality.

The facade has a baroque style, highlighting the initials AM (Ave Maria) interlaced and carved on the door linteled in marble, which refers to a dedication to the Virgin to protect the inhabitants against all sorts of evils.

Currently, this house has comprehensive protection by Cultural Heritage. For this reason, the reforms carried out in the house have been authorized by the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage, retaining at all times their original structures.




Villalba de los Barros is located at a comfortable distance from Merida and Badajoz, between Zafra and Almendralejo, belonging to the region of Tierra de Barros.


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