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Located halfway between Mérida and Zafra, and a few kilometers from Almendralejo, Villalba de los Barros belongs to the region that gives it its surname, Tierra de Barros, honoring with its name the lands that redden the soil where the vine and olive tree, sustenance of the local economy and that together with the oaks they build one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Iberian peninsula: the pasture of Extremadura.

Tierra de Barros

Tierra de Barros is one of the eleven regions that make up the province of Badajoz, located between Las Vegas del Guadiana and the mountainous foothills of Sierra Morena. It receives its name from the special characteristics of its clay and reddish earth that, transformed into clay and molded by the hands of its craftsmen, constituted the means of life and custom of its people. The fertility of their land makes the cultivation of the vine and the olive tree the means of life of the majority of the almost 75,000 inhabitants that reside in the region, together with the industry of transformation of these products, which make their environment a privileged place to know the world of wine and oil.

Because of its central location, Tierra de Barros is an ideal place from which to undertake various visits to other attractions in the area such as Zafra, Mérida, Badajoz, Alange, Feria and Olivenza, among others.

Villalba de los Barros

Villalba is one of the fifteen municipalities and three districts that are part of Tierra de Barros. With its 1500 inhabitants, it constitutes one of the smallest nuclei of its surroundings, but hides in it several of the best preserved treasures of the region.

With a history of more than 5 centuries, Villalba de los Barros was the birthplace of marquises and hidalgos, who for centuries lived in the region to control the brand with neighboring Portugal. From this time it preserves its exceptional castle, one of the best care in the region, and which is a reflection of the splendor enjoyed by the town centuries ago.

Today it also preserves a beautiful 17th century church, a convent with its hermitage isolated from the center of the town and that during the middle of the year preserves the image of the patron saint of the town: Our Lady of Montevirgen.

Recently a dam has been built in the municipality that has given rise to a reservoir that is next to a majestic meadow, from where you can see migratory birds and practice water sports.

All these sites are at a comfortable distance on foot or by bicycle from La Hermandad, and we are sure that they will be the object of enjoyment for the visitors of our house.


In Villalba:

The Castle



The swamp


  • MERIDA: its Roman ruins and its museum are a must to visit and know the cradle of Roman Hispania.
  • ZAFRA: its historic center is a reflection of the strength of this city that also hosts every year by San Miguel the oldest International Cattle Fair in Spain (it has been held since 1453).
  • ALANGE: this municipality still houses some Roman baths from the time of the Empire.
  • FERIA: its picturesque city center is just the claim to know its jewel of a castle that rises over the whole region giving unique views.
  • LA DEHESA EXTREMEÑA: considered by many an environmental jewel, the dehesa harbors a unique biodiversity in the world and of incalculable value. Visiting it is something that does not leave anyone indifferent.


El entorno

Hay en Villalba de los Barros un lugar que toma el nombre de una joven del pueblo, el Charco Aldonza. ¿Quieres saber por qué se llama así? Pues visítanos para descubrirlo.


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