Wine tourism

Is wine your thing? Then, this is your next place to discover! Ancestral soils dedicated to wine production following traditional and natural wine making, combined with modern productions. Ready to meet them?

The Casa Rural “La Hermandad de Villalba” is located in the heart of Tierra de Barros, which besides a region of Badajoz it is also a sub-region of the Ribera del Guadiana D.O. (Denominación de Origen).

The clay soils give the land a characteristic red color, and they are the origin of some of the oldest wines in the Iberian Peninsula. In the 16th century we already have some mentions to the wines of this area that were transported to the New World. It is also well known that the Romans founded Emerita Augusta (the current Mérida) because the weather conditions to cultivate and produce wine and olive oil.

In La Hermandad de Villalba we want to bring you this art and way of living. Therefore, we offer to organize any activity related to wine that might be of your interest: wine tasting, visit to wineries and wine producers, even harvesting when the time of the year comes. We know the best professional to offer you an unforgettable journey.

Please, let us know your interest so we can offer you the best experience.


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Bono Turístico 50% de descuento

Desde el pasado día 15 de septiembre y hasta el 31 de marzo de 2021, la Diputación de Badajoz ha desarrollado el programa de ayudas al sector turístico "Provincia de Badajoz, mi destino", con el que se entrega un bono del 50% a todas las reservas de al menos 2 noches para disfrutar de nuestra casa, y otras actividades, hasta el 31 de marzo. La Hermandad de Villalba se ha adscrito al programa y por eso les ofrece la oportunidad de beneficiarse de esta ayuda, disfrutando de nuestro alojamiento y de todas las actividades que se encuentran en la provincia de Badajoz.
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